What is CAIR?


The Collegiate Association for Inequality Research (CAIR) is an organization for undergraduate students interested in two things: research and studying inequality. Through peer mentoring, research groups, and conferences, we promote research in inequality. We are looking for civically-minded researchers from any discipline - from biology to sociology to economics. 

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(Please submit an abstract to our April 2021 conference - students from all universities are welcome!)


Our Story

Take a look around you - inequality in the United States and around the world continues to grow. Why is economic inequality reaching such high levels? How have racism, sexism, and homophobia been institutionalized by our society? What can we do about it? Considering the global state of inequality, these are some of the most important questions that social scientists, empiricists, and citizens can be asking.

As the co-founders of CAIR struggled to find answers - reading academic papers and op-eds in seclusion - we realized that it was high time for an initiative that addressed this exact topic. Students at Wake Forest University, and across the country, want to do research and strive to combat inequality. Why not try both at once?

The Collegiate Association for Inequality Research supports undergraduate research in inequality - broadly defined. During the summer and Fall of 2020, we formed research groups and provided substantial research mentorship as students worked to complete their research. 

In February 2021, these groups presented their research - from highly computational analyses of hate speech to qualitative review of healthcare inequities - at the CAIR Symposium. You can read some of their selected abstracts here.

Now, during Spring 2021, we continue our close mentorship with a number of these groups - as well as new ones - to further develop their research projects.

If you have your own inequality research that you would like to share with the community, we strongly encourage you to apply to our conference that will be hosted in April, 2021. We are currently accepting abstract submissions - the research can be from work you did for a thesis, a class, with a professor, or independently. We look forward to reading your submissions, and please don't hesitate to reach out!


Meet Our Team

Ashley Peake ('23)


Ashley is a second-year at Wake Forest University studying Mathematics and Computer Science. 

Rebekah Lassiter ('24)

Board Member

Rebekah is first-year at Wake Forest University studying Biology. 

Tal Feldman ('23)


Tal is a second-year at Wake Forest University studying Economics and Computer Science. 

Beth Seagroves ('23)

Board Member

Beth is a second-year at Wake Forest University studying Politics and International Affairs.