Abstract Submissions Have Closed for 2021

If you would still like to be involved in the conference this year, registration is still open!


What are we looking for?

We are looking for research projects that deal with inequality - broadly defined. Projects focusing on economic inequality, racial inequality, and all other inequities are welcome. Projects can come from any discipline.

Just to demonstrate how open we are, here are a few project ideas to give you a taste:

  • Legal analysis of human rights cases

  • Statistical modeling to predict homelessness

  • Anthropologic study of  marginalized groups

  • How racism affects patient care

CAIR has worked with aspiring biologists, economists, political scientists, mathematicians, anthropologists, musicians, chemists, computer scientists, and more. We welcome students from these and all other subjects to submit their research. 

Abstracts should be no more than 300 words and submitted as a pdf. Please use 12pt font, single spaced. Submissions will be reviewed for placement by an interdisciplinary panel. We look forward to reading your research!

Have a research project but no abstract?

Don't worry! All we're looking for in an abstract is an idea of what your project is about. It should be a 300 word summary - think of it as a PR pitch. A good abstract should briefly cover the following:

  • Background of your topic

  • Your research question

  • How you went about answering that question (methods)

  • Your results and conclusions

If you have a great project to present - don't fret about the abstract! It's just for us to get to know your research better and see which session of our conference you best fit in.

Write up that 300 word summary and submit it at the link above before April 3rd!

My abstract was accepted - now what?

Congratulations! Now, it's time to work on a presentation.

Presentations should be roughly 12 minutes long, with 3 minutes at the end for discussion. We strongly recommend making a slideshow.